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With over a decade of experience supporting students in their UCAS applications, we’re proud to have become a trusted and reliable partner to students & families.

2021 is a year like no other for UCAS applications. With the dual impacts of Brexit and COVID, and stark contrasts between how different institutions are dealing with student admissions to the UK, it is now more important than ever to carry out extensive research around your options. Read our advisory blog here for core findings from our recent research.
If you’d like to jump straight to our different support packages, or to request a call-back you can do so lower down this page. We’re available 10 hours a day Monday to Friday to offer a free 15 minute consultation to advise you on your choices


“It is a relief to know of institutions like yours who can guide students (and parents!) through the demanding requirements of college preparation.”

Parent of student applying for 2018 entry

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Who We Are

Trusted and respected, over a decade of supporting applications we’ve fostered a conscientious and flexible style of support for families, students, and schools alike.

EIB Admissions are a team of educational consultants with over a decade of Oxbridge and UCAS application experience, with particular focus on supporting international and their families apply to study at UK universities from their homes around the world. As a team, we ourselves undertook the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme before our university studies, which fostered in each of us a determinedly global outlook. From our bases in Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the UK, we chose to come to, or stay in, the UK for our university studies, at institutions including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, and King’s College London.

130+ Universities

Students applying to universities in the UK will find over 130 institutions to choose from.

50,000+ courses

The variety of courses is a strength of the UK system, but gives rise to a system of competing courses.

500,000 Applicants
500,000 Applicants

With over half a million applications last year, students must stand out when they apply.

Clarifying the System

With 1 in 4 applicants not filling all 5 choices, students require guidance navigating their options

We have, individually and as a team of Consultants, supported over 300 students with their UCAS applications, and supported more than 95 applications to Oxford and Cambridge, both in-person and from a distance, providing support for over a decade. We understand the difficulties of navigating the UCAS application system, and pride ourselves on providing clear advice, tailored to each and every student, no matter their starting level of UCAS understanding or knowledge. As a registered UCAS centre, we can provide help at every step of the journey, including the final UCAS form submission.

We take a very personal approach to each students - once linked to your mentor we do everything in our power to support and empower you through the journey through our extensive knowledge of UK University and tertiary education institutions.

Every Qualification

From the IB to A-Levels, we’re experienced at working with almost all internl. qualifications.

3 offers
3 UCAS Offers

Every student we’ve supported has recieved at least three offers from their chosen universities.

UCAS Centre

We’re an approved centre with the University & Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) in the UK.

Support Options

From the earliest stages of making your application to pressing ‘Submit’, our support options guide students through each step of this critical process.


Price : £250

We prefer to start all support with an initial consultation, preferably with both the applicant and their family, to get to know one another and begin drawing together a bespoke support plan. The consultation includes an hour’s initial meeting, after which we will carry out specialist research and then arrange a follow-up call, all of which is included within our longer support packages. For families confident in their understanding of UCAS but with one or two more specific queries, the consultation can be purchased as a stand-alone support option, at £250, and so you are welcome to arrange a consultation before deciding which package to move ahead with.


Price : £1250

Following the initial consultation, families may opt for further guidance through the UCAS journey. Each application is different, and so each mentoring package provides unique support, but generally students use this time on the following:

We will provide a bespoke quote following the initial consultation meeting, but the average mentoring package provides approximately twelve hours of support with an expert Consultant, from £1250. For subject areas where our in-house team cannot provide subject-specific guidance, we will put you in touch with one of our small team of expert Executive Consultants for a section of the package time.


Price : £5000~

Where students and their families require extensive support, we provide our Comprehensive service, providing guidance throughout the years in advance of the UCAS application, from post-16 subject selection to university tours and rigorous personal statement support. The Comprehensive option allows families to contact our Consulting team at any time with queries, and provides the comfort of knowing their child is well-supported and prepared over an extended period, preventing those unfamiliar with the UK’s university sector from making mistakes in the early stages of preparation. More than any other, this support option is highly personalised and therefore specific quotes are drawn together for each family, but we generally suggest an annual fee starting from £5000.

London Expertise
London Expertise

Our students have received offers from the top London universities, like UCL, Imperial, and King’s.

Engineering to History
Engineering to History

We have a long-standing history helping students apply in nearly every subject area.

International Support
International Support

Experienced and trusted in helping international students navigate the UK’s university system.

Ask Us A Question

If you’d like to find out more about how we can support you in your applications to UK universities you can contact us using this form. If you’re ready to begin support, you can register here or, request a call back .

We're currently going through a refurbishment and not supporting students in May. Please get back in touch then.

We’ve fostered a pragmatic and mature approach to supporting stidents, drawing on our years of experience helping individuals navigate the UK’s university application system. Our respected and patient approach gives each applicant the time to demonstrate their excellence and perfect their university application.

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