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With a team of Oxford & Cambridge- graduate Consultants, we’re well prepared to help students demonstrate their excellence and ambition.


“My interview would not have gone as smoothly as it did had it not been for you.”

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Who We Are

Graduates of Oxford & Cambridge, our Oxbridge team know first-hand the challenges of making a competitive application to these prestigious institutions.

With years of experience supporting students in every aspect of their Oxbridge applications, from selecting a college through to interview preparation, we understand the unique difficulties encountered by students applying to Oxford or Cambridge. Our in-house team of Oxbridge Consultants, bolstered by highly experienced additional subject-specialists, provide impartial advice throughout the application process, and can answer queries no matter your current level of familiarity with these two institutions.

60 colleges
69 colleges

As truly international universities, Oxford & Cambridge welcome appli- cations from every corner of the world

World Leading

With a wide range of unique colleges to choose from, applicants benefit from our first-hand experience.

Global profiles
Global profiles

A significant percentage of overseas students at Oxford & Cambridge facilitate their global profiles.

International competition
International competition

11% and 19% of overseas applicants to Oxford & Cambridge were made offers, far below the UK average.

From a one-off meeting to answer a few lingering queries through to full guidance through your applications, our team are ever-present, and always happy to answer questions from prospective applicants and their families.

Offered Interview

Every Oxford or Cambridge applicant we have supported has been invited to interview, compared to ~62% nationally.

Made an Offer

55% of students who have received our consulting support were made an offer, compared to 22.5% in the UK and 15% internationally.

Support Options

Our experience of the Oxbridge application process, and our expert team of Consultants, ensures every applicant recieves unmatched support, no matter their circumstance.


Price : £250

We understand it can be difficult to decide whether to apply to Oxford or Cambridge, or to understand where you are in the preparation process, so we recommend starting all Oxbridge support with a consultation with a member of our in-house Oxbridge team. During the consultation, which we suggest is also attended by the applicant’s parent(s)/guardian(s), we will assess your current understanding of the application process, as well as discuss how to make the most of the time before your application deadline, whether this is six months or two years. The initial consultation can start a longer-term package or can be purchased on its own, at a rate of £250.

Oxbridge Preparation

Price : £1250

After the initial consultation, we will compile a research pack specific to your course and college choices, and will then, together with you, look to plan out the time leading to the Oxbridge application deadline. While you are able to request a greater or lesser focus on specific aspects of the application, we suggest the Oxbridge Preparation package covers the initial consultation, several iterations of personal statement review, guidance and support for admissions tests, help with selecting your other UCAS choices, and interview preparation, in addition to answering general queries, regarding the application process or life at Oxford or Cambridge.

We will provide a bespoke quote following the initial consultation meeting, but for most students with a good general understanding of the Oxbridge application process approximately twelve hours of support are required with our expert Consultants, from £1250. For subject areas where our in-house team cannot provide subject-specific guidance, we will put you in touch with one of our small team of expert Oxbridge Consultants for a section of the package time.

Oxbridge Unrestricted

Price : £6000

For families with a limited understanding of the Oxbridge application process, or indeed with applications to UK universities more generally, we are pleased to provide full support throughout the application. In addition to the support areas in the Oxbridge Preparation package, this package provides guidance with personal statement planning, rather than just editing, from pulling together an academic CV to polishing an accomplished piece of writing, guidance on selecting academic writing samples where required, selection of pertinent extra-curriculars and work experience opportunities, and working with the school’s college counselor or careers advisor to ensure a smooth application process.

As ever, this package is designed to suit each applicant’s specific needs and requirements, but we generally suggest an annual fee of £5000 if starting before commencing post-16 education, or £6000 if you come to us once the applicant has started their IB/A-Level/equivalent studies.

Interview Only

All Oxbridge support with EIB Consulting starts with an initial consultation, however, if a student has already received an invitation to interview, we are happy to provide interview preparation only, without the initial consultation. Mock interview support is available at the rate of £250 for two interviews with written feedback, with an Oxford or Cambridge graduate of your course of choice.

Ask Us A Question

If you’d like to find out more about how we can support you in your applications to UK universities you can contact us using this form. If you’re ready to begin support, you can register here.

From guiding students in their college selection to preparing them for interview, we have a proven history of successfully aiding students to demonstrate their drive, their ambition, and their talent in their Oxford & Cambridge applications. Honest and personal support, to suit applicants in any and every circumstance.

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